Happy Valentine’s Day!

I don’t have a recipe for you today, but I wanted to share this one nugget of wisdom I heard on the radio today. When asked how you know when it’s love, an 8-year old girl with the most adorable lisp-y voice replied:


And so if anyone happens to be wondering today whether they’re really, truly in love, well–I think this says it all. If you’re into cheetos and that sort of thang.

Question: What are you doing for V-day?

I surprised Erik this morning with a crazy buttery yeasted whole wheat waffle and strawberries which I’m absolutely dying to turn into a pancake version since I know many of you might not have boyfriends with waffle irons. Or just waffle irons. This was a special overnight batter so I could just throw them together in the morning. Crispy on the outside, pure carb-y custard on the inside. Total bliss.

Tonight, we are probably going to dinner somewhere, and more sweets may be in the works…

P.S. It was my sister’s birthday yesterday and I made her a mini version of the amazing Momofuku funfetti birthday cake. Except I used a different cake base, a different frosting, healthified the cake crumbs, and assembled it using an ingredient every baker has in their kitchen (aka: no acetate). So it’s really not the Momofuku cake at all.


But it was delicious, so get excited. Cake coming your way soon.



Happy V-day!

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18 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Kristi @ My San Francisco Kitchen

    Sorry I am late, but Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!! I made a 4 course dinner (and realized this is a lot for one person eekk talk about multi-tasking!) and then we just watched Downton Abbey (my new addiction). That cake looks amazing! Can’t wait to here more about it :)

  2. Brandi

    I love waffles AND cake…so this post has me drooling! That cake looks soooo delicious! That was so sweet of you to make that for your boyfriend! Hope y’all had a wonderful Valentines day!!

  3. Megan

    Cute cake and cute photos! My husband was stuck at work (at a hospital) last night, so I had a couple cupcakes I made for his office and watched some recorded stuff on tv that I usually never get the time to watch. Sometimes it’s nice to have a relaxing night in with my dog!

  4. Lilly Sue

    That is so cute!! I love cheetos. Sounds like you are having a nice V-Day :) We didn’t do much for it because I had volleyball games tonight but my boyfriend did come over and cook me dinner :) For once it wasn’t me cooking!

    1. erika Post author

      Aww that is so sweet!!! I would love to see my boyfriend cook me dinner. I cook dinner for him/us so often that it’s not really special anymore, but that would definitely change things up! I should point him to your comment as a hint…. :)

    1. erika Post author

      Thanks lady :) I was allllmost too lazy to make the batter ahead of time, go over and do the whole assembling shebang but I’m glad I did. I got a cute string of ecstatic texts from him while at work (he slept in until after I was gone, ha!).

      Hope you had a great day with your hubby!!

  5. skybunnies

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I really want you to make my wedding cake when I get hitched, why couldn’t you be in Australia? You could make me a protein powder version lol 😉

    1. erika Post author

      Girl, I would make you a wedding cake any day! Wait, are you engaged or are you talking hypothetically in the future? I must have missed that in your posts. But anyway, I have been wanting to get into baking with protein powder! So I’ll get on that 😉


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