Pancake Fridays: Sweet Corn & Tomato Pancakes

As a kid, some family friend showed me how she scatters a tiny pinch of sugar over tomato slices before she eats them. I thought it was the weirdest thing, but tried it when I got home. And of course it was delicious, because what wouldn’t be delicious with sugar sprinkled on top? (Bacon: delicious. Sauerkraut? Apparently good. Bagels? I rest my case.)

Sweet Corn & Tomato Pancakes (vegan, gf) // The Pancake Princess Sweet Corn & Tomato Pancakes (vegan, gf) // The Pancake Princess

I haven’t sugar-sprinkled tomatoes in years, but when I saw the vibrant, taut-skinned, vine-ripened tomatoes nearly bursting out of their tender, deep red skins, I wanted nothing more than to bite into a whole one right then and there. Raw. Maybe covered in a thin layer of quickly-moistening, glistening sugar. I bit the bullet of a price tag and paid the exorbitant amount to call them mine.

Sweet Corn & Tomato Pancakes (vegan, gf) // The Pancake Princess

And promptly got home and ate half of one fresh and raw, juices dripping down my face like a peach. Then I fried the other half. On top of pancakes.


Sweet Corn & Tomato Pancakes (vegan, gf) // The Pancake Princess

Sacrilege! But then sugar was sprinkled on top and friend? Let me tell you: these are magnificent summer pancakes. You can spare half of a lusciously fresh tomato to make these because this corn and tomato combination is a little mind-blowing. Maybe because you might suspect the combination would suggest otherwise. But these are based off of a masterful cornbread waffle recipe, so you can expect success.

Sweet Corn & Tomato Pancakes (vegan, gf) // The Pancake Princess

They’re dense, moist yet a little crumbly, and jam-packed with gritty corn flavor. The corn pancakes, which would be exciting enough with little pops of corn kernels in every bite, take on a new personality with a slice of ripe tomato encased in fried golden batter. They’re like the summer version of these upside-down apple pancakes. Or a vegan and gluten-free version of these cornbread pancakes. These can hardly be called sweet, which leaves much freedom for sugar-sprinkling on top.

Sweet Corn & Tomato Pancakes (vegan, gf) // The Pancake Princess

You know you want to.

Sweet Corn & Tomato Pancakes

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes

Yield: 7-8 pancakes

Serving Size: 1/8 recipe

Calories per serving: 107

Fat per serving: 4.5g

Showcase picture-perfect slices of beautiful summer tomatoes in these tasty, grain-hearty pancakes that happen to be vegan and gluten-free. While syrup falls heavy, a light layer of sugar seems the perfect topping for these corn-filled hot cakes.


  • ¾ cup almond milk + 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (can sub distilled white vinegar)

  • 6 tablespoons masa harina
  • 6 tablespoons cornmeal
  • 6 tablespoons oat flour
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (or any other fat)
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • ½ cup fresh corn kernels

  • 1 medium tomato, sliced thinly width-wise


Combine the milk and vinegar and let sit while you combine the dry ingredients. In a medium bowl, combine the flours, salt, baking powder and baking soda. Whisk the oil and honey into the milk mixture and then pour the wet mixture into dry. Stir until just combined—lumps are good. Fold in the corn. Let sit for 10 minutes, undisturbed, until mixture is thickened and sludgy.

Heat a skillet over medium heat. Once it’s too hot to touch, lightly grease the pan with a spritz of oil and drop quarter cups of batter into the pan (don’t overcrowd the pan). Let cook about two minutes. Once the top of the pancakes begin to look dry, press a slice of tomato into the pancake, pressing down so that batter squishes up around/through the tomato. Carefully flip (making sure the surface you flip the pancake on is well-greased) and cook for another two minutes, or until cooked through.

Serve with a sprinkle of sugar, honey. Cheese? Maybe people do that.


Adapted from here

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25 thoughts on “Pancake Fridays: Sweet Corn & Tomato Pancakes

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  2. Lianna

    catching up on all of your blog posts has made me realize how many things I’ve been missing out on and how many recipes and ideas I want to try out…like these savoury pancakes yumm get in meeee

  3. Bam's Kitchen

    Savory and sweet! You have a perfect little combo. I think at the end of summer when corn and tomatoes are at their peak this will be one fantastic breakfast for supper meal ever. I missed you and sorry I have not been by in awhile, my health has not been good so just been taking it easy and trying to get back around to see everyone.

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  5. Nancy @ gottagetbaked

    This is so incredibly unique, Erika – I’ve never seen anything like it! Trust you to take what’s already delicious, glorious, sweet-corn-studded like these corn pancakes and elevate it to the next level. I drool every time I come here, dammit!

    1. erika Post author

      Whoaa. I just googled corn handpies and they look DELICIOUS. I need to make some soon–thanks for turning me onto them!! And thanks so much lady :)

  6. CCU

    I am not usually into savoury pancakes but only the pancake princess could convert me my friend 😀
    These look brilliant!


  7. Brandi

    That’s such a great recipe you found! I checked out the link and her doing them as waffles looks delicious!! Your pancakes sound great, but I’d leave off the tomato. I love corn but can only handle tomato in very small portions. That’s one food I’ve never been able to like yet. I love tomato sauce, just not large chunks :( I’ve never had savory pancakes before, but I’m sure I’d love these! I’ve never used masa harina before either, I need to try that. They look gorgeous!

    1. erika Post author

      Haha yes, cornbread in any form is totally my friend. These aren’t really savory pancakes–there’s honey in the pancake batter and if you add sweetener on top, they definitely verge on the sweet side! I love how you can bring out the sweetness of tomatoes with just a little bit of extra sweet.

      And yes–I had a giant bag of masa harina from my sister that I only ever used for making tortillas, but Ashley from Edible Perspective has opened my eyes to all the baking potential it has. So great for gluten-free baking!


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