The Great Houston Cookie (C)rumble of 2015

What do you get when you add a large group of food enthusiasts + a love of chocolate chip cookies + a universal penchant for over-the-top events?


The Great Houston Cookie C(Rumble) of 2015

Left: Lisa, the loveliest Aussie you will ever meet and insanely talented custom cake-baker. Right: Isabel, Tastemade goddess and fellow Urban Swank blogger.

The Great Cookie C(R)umble // The Pancake Princess


Left: The lovely and talented Jenna of Starving Foodist. Right: Jared and Ashley, the crazy-talented duo behind Sugar & Cloth.


The Great Houston Cookie C(Rumble) of 2015

Left: Abby, model and triathlete of ShopGirl Blog.


The Great Houston Cookie C(Rumble) of 2015

Left: Megha, the gorgeous writer and photo snapper at Houstonia and Hot Pink Houston with Julie, the super sassy social media mastermind behind Aces of Taste. Right: Morgan, the entrepreneurial superstar at The Foodie Chef.


The Great Houston Cookie C(Rumble) of 2015

From left to right: coordinating superstar Erin of Tidbits, Claire, amazing co-founder of the Houston Food Blogger Collective and blogger at The Petite Professional, and nutrition superstar Lauren of How to Eat, R.D.

Left: Kim of Adventures in a Newish City.

Left: The bubbly and all-around wonderful Kim of Adventures in a Newish City.





The Great Cookie C(Rumble) of 2015 to find Houston’s best chocolate chip cookie! Like cookie RUMBLE?! Cookie crumble? I wish I could take credit for that, but alas. That was all Jenna, I think.)

Which essentially means a bunch of awesome blogger friends got together at Ashley’s light-filled studio one Sunday afternoon to do a blind taste testing of a CRAPton of cookies from around Houston to find the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie.

It was as epic as it sounds.

We started by compiling an extensive list of nominations of Houston establishments likely to have a promising chocolate chip cookie. We were very lucky to receive generous donations from many of the bakeries and after picking up dozens of cookies, we converged for the sampling. Each cookie was rated for taste (on a scale of 1-10) and appearance, texture and chocolate (all on a scale of 1-5). At the end of the tasting, all individual scores were combined for the final overall rankings.

If there was one underlying theme we all took from the event, it’s this: there is a HUGE diversity of chocolate chip cookies in Houston. Ultimately, we did come up with a ranking of all the cookies that we tasted, but after the top, say, 5, there entered a level of subjectivity that I believe can’t be fairly quantified to all palates. A.k.a to each his own. Just because a cookie was ranked #15 over #7 doesn’t mean I wouldn’t choose it in a heartbeat over another if I was in a doughy, gooey cookie mood over a crunchy-edged, salty cookie, you know?

I can honestly say 98% of these cookies are worth every buttery-tasting calorie. Whether you live in Houston or will visit at any point, GET TO THESE BAKERIES! And if you think we missed a spot, let me know!

Okay here’s the list:


1 // Tiny Boxwood’s
2 // Common Bond
3 // Michael’s Cookie Jar
4 // Brown Bag Deli
5 // Red Dessert Dive


6 // Barnaby’s
7 // The Chocolate Bar
8 // Ooh La La
9 // Fluff Bake Bar
10 // Tout Suite

11 // Weights + Measures
12 // Smoosh
13 // French Gourmet Bakery
14 // Siphon Coffee
15 // Tiff’s Treats

16 // Revival Market
17 // Pondicheri
18 // NY Bagel
19 // Petite Sweets
20 // Mongoose vs. Cobra

(Photos + descriptions of all the cookies will be in an upcoming post on the Houston Press.)

As you’ve probably noticed, this is a departure from my normal recipe posts. I thought it would be fun to share these scenes and how blogging has parlayed itself into my social life/real life. It was a complete blast hanging out with so many completely sugar- and fun-loving ladies, many of whom belong to the Houston Food Blogger Collective (which just launched in January!). If any of you blogger readers live in a city without a blogger collective, can I recommend starting one? Connecting with all of the interesting, intelligent, fun people who belong to this group completely made my summer, and made my love for Houston reach greater heights than I would have ever imagined.

In other news, it took a shockingly short period of time before the sugar rush kicked in and we all felt like we were dying from cookie over-consumption, and so our cookie extravaganza ended with a cookie photoshoot on the floor (of course).

The Great Houston Cookie C(Rumble) of 2015The Great Houston Cookie C(Rumble) of 2015

The Great Houston Cookie C(Rumble) of 2015The Great Houston Cookie C(Rumble) of 2015

For more cookie shenanigans,  search #cookiecrumblehtx on Instagram!

Repurpose kindly sent me some of their sustainable tableware to try out (pictured in above photos) and it was awesome! Through their exclusively plant-made, 100% compostable products, they aim to reduce the amount of plastics in the environment, which I whole-heartedly support. I loved the durability and high-quality feel to their plates, cups and cutlery.


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14 thoughts on “The Great Houston Cookie (C)rumble of 2015

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  2. laurasmess

    Love this post. Ha! So awesome! Man, I think I would have totally lost my objectivity/taste buds after all those cookies. There are SO MANY (even AFTER the tasting!). Love the fact that you all got an opportunity to meet up and hang out though. I love meeting other bloggers, it’s so much fun to already have a ‘starting point’ in your friendship through both food and online communication. Great post (the light in these shots is gorgeous!) xxx

    1. erika Post author

      Haha tasting all of them definitely diminished a bit of the joy that you would feel in eating just one. Wish you could have joined us, lovely! Thanks so much for the kind words, as always <3

  3. Erica

    OMG I love this!! And the lighting is so beautiful in all of these cookie party photos. SUCH a brilliant idea, might be bringing this idea to Indianapolis in the future :)

  4. Michelle @ Hummingbird High

    I love this. I’ve always wanted to do a bakeoff between all the famous chocolate chip cookie recipes! I just haven’t had the time yet.

    PS – know anywhere to get good chocolate chip cookies in SF? This city does not seem to have any!!!

  5. Kathryn

    Oh wow, this looks like a crazy amount of fun. Chocolate chip cookies are my absolute weakness so the idea of spending a day doing nothing more than eating + judging them sounds pretty much like my idea of heaven.


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