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Best Pumpkin Pie Bake Off

Best Pumpkin Pie Bake Off // The Pancake Princess

Every year without fail, I find myself googling “best pumpkin pie recipe.” With this experiment, we set out to answer the question sans the endless searching.

Best Pumpkin Pie Bake Off // The Pancake Princess


The recipe selection methodology was less formal than the scraping I did for the best pumpkin bread bake off or the chocolate chip cookie bake off–I basically selected all the recipes that I wanted to try anyway and added two of the winners from this epic pumpkin pie bake off.

All 12 pies were baked the day of the tasting (most crusts were made 1-3 days beforehand and refrigerated; two crusts (Flour and BraveTart) were pre-baked the night before). I made 8 of the pies, and three superstar friends helped me out with the other 4.

At the tasting, tasters ranked each overall pie, its filling and its crust separately on a scale from 1-10, and then answered the question “would you want to eat this again?”

Best Pumpkin Pie Bake Off // The Pancake Princess


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Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bake Off

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bake OffIn this post, we set out to answer the eternal question: what is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe on the internet?

Well, at least based on the first three pages of Google.

In which you find out how this came to be

Well over a year ago, my friend Skyler came up with an idea to bake a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and visualize the data of the different recipes. Before we were able to do so, Skyler ended up moving to NYC…but then came back to Houston for a visit–just in time to get stranded by Hurricane Harvey. For all the bad that Harvey wrought, our silver lining was that we finally had time to bring our cookie project to fruition.


The Project
In which we bake 200+ cookies and Skyler builds magnificent Tableaus to display our data

The project was two-pronged: the first part was to gather and analyze the top chocolate chip recipes from the web. The second was to bake the top 12 recipes and hold a taste test to see which recipes ranked the highest.

We scraped almost all the chocolate chip cookie recipes off the first three pages of Google (as of September 2017) and then narrowed the selection of cookies to bake to 12, trying to pick some of the most popular recipes and eliminating any duplicate or similar recipes. We omitted recipes that used ingredients outside of the basic butter, flour, sugar, etc. except for a few exceptions that used very small quantities of ingredients like molasses, cornstarch, baking powder or turbinado sugar. Although we excluded oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from this experiment, we included the Neiman Marcus recipe which uses oat flour out of curiosity.

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Avocado Toast Cake

Avocado Toast Cake // The Pancake Princess

This past weekend, I flew back home to NorCal for my childhood friend’s wedding. It was my first time being in a wedding and though I was v concerned about having to do my own hair and make up and standing out as the singular troll amid a sea of beauteous bridesmaids…after a crash course in hair wands and eyeshadow, I think I turned out okay.

Avocado Toast Cake // The Pancake Princess

Avocado Toast Cake // The Pancake PrincessThe wedding, though–it was STUNNING. White folding chairs on a lush lawn overlooking a sprawling vineyard that looked like a postcard, an absolutely beautiful dress my friend bought in New York on a mother-daughter trip, a ceremony that was simultaneously heartfelt and moving but also brief enough so that we didn’t freeze in the cool afternoon wind, a small two-tier wedding cake with the best raspberry buttercream I’ve ever tasted in addition to a giant dessert table featuring tiny lemon meringue tarts, chocolate opera cakes and macarons…it was perfect.

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Matcha Shortbread S’mores

Matcha S'mores // The Pancake PrincessOkay so any tips on how to cure intense weeks-long cravings for croissants, puff pastry, kouign amann, cream puffs, baklava, basically any kind of pastry would be GREATLY appreciated because ever since I returned from Barcelona (occasion: work trip #holla), I cannot stop dreaming about puffy golden dough with flaky melt-in-your-mouth layers.

And no, these cravings definitely have nothing to do with my newfound addiction to the Great British Bake Off (about 8 years late to the party as usual) and no, eliminating it is not an option. I have basically commandeered Dan’s shared Netflix account to the point where a co-Netflixer said that he “accidentally checked Dan’s viewing history and saw that it was 100% GBBO.” To which Dan said, in his best Australian accent,* “yes, that is definitely all me.”

*FYI the accent was not a put-upon accent, it was just his real-life voice because I fell so in love with Australia that I had to ensnare a genuine Australian in Houston for the short-term output of finding a GBBO watch companion and pancake-maker and the long-term goal of being kidnapped by him and stowed in a suitcase back to Melbourne to live in a tasteful townhouse ideally located within walking distance to the best pancake in the world. And that is my definition of #goals

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