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DIY Pearl Sugar


DIY Pearl Sugar // The Pancake Princess

They are the reason you need to make your own pearl sugar. Liege waffles are the sophisticated and hatetosayit, SUPERIOR, cousin of regular waffles. They require two essentials to yield their sweeter, denser, chewier, and altogether much more delicious and dessert-like selves: yeasted waffle batter and pearl sugar. Pearl sugar is basically chunks of uber-compacted sugar that doesn’t melt as easily as regular sugar and thus creates bites of delightfully crunchy sweetness. It is the key to ultimate textural/taste delight.

DIY Pearl Sugar // The Pancake Princess

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DIY Cake Stand

I resisted buying a cake stand for the longest time, which is actually pretty dumb in retrospect since they cost like $10—not the most expensive kitchen accessory.

DIY Cake Stand // The Pancake Princess

Similarly to how I resisted buying a whisk for the longest time, I’m not saying it makes sense. It’s just a weird, cheap quirk of mine. (But psst did I mention that my awesome brewmaster friend gave me his whisk after reading my post?? He is the best. I’ve been whisking so many things since, you don’t even KNOW.)

Anyway, last year, I finally made my own DIY cake stand—for photography purposes only. I’m just sorry it took me so long to share, because this is so easy, it doesn’t even count as a craft. It’s just a method.

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