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Avocado Toast Cake

Avocado Toast Cake // The Pancake Princess

This past weekend, I flew back home to NorCal for my childhood friend’s wedding. It was my first time being in a wedding and though I was v concerned about having to do my own hair and make up and standing out as the singular troll amid a sea of beauteous bridesmaids…after a crash course in hair wands and eyeshadow, I think I turned out okay.

Avocado Toast Cake // The Pancake Princess

Avocado Toast Cake // The Pancake PrincessThe wedding, though–it was STUNNING. White folding chairs on a lush lawn overlooking a sprawling vineyard that looked like a postcard, an absolutely beautiful dress my friend bought in New York on a mother-daughter trip, a ceremony that was simultaneously heartfelt and moving but also brief enough so that we didn’t freeze in the cool afternoon wind, a small two-tier wedding cake with the best raspberry buttercream I’ve ever tasted in addition to a giant dessert table featuring tiny lemon meringue tarts, chocolate opera cakes and macarons…it was perfect.

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Matcha Shortbread S’mores

Matcha S'mores // The Pancake PrincessOkay so any tips on how to cure intense weeks-long cravings for croissants, puff pastry, kouign amann, cream puffs, baklava, basically any kind of pastry would be GREATLY appreciated because ever since I returned from Barcelona (occasion: work trip #holla), I cannot stop dreaming about puffy golden dough with flaky melt-in-your-mouth layers.

And no, these cravings definitely have nothing to do with my newfound addiction to the Great British Bake Off (about 8 years late to the party as usual) and no, eliminating it is not an option. I have basically commandeered Dan’s shared Netflix account to the point where a co-Netflixer said that he “accidentally checked Dan’s viewing history and saw that it was 100% GBBO.” To which Dan said, in his best Australian accent,* “yes, that is definitely all me.”

*FYI the accent was not a put-upon accent, it was just his real-life voice because I fell so in love with Australia that I had to ensnare a genuine Australian in Houston for the short-term output of finding a GBBO watch companion and pancake-maker and the long-term goal of being kidnapped by him and stowed in a suitcase back to Melbourne to live in a tasteful townhouse ideally located within walking distance to the best pancake in the world. And that is my definition of #goals

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Matcha Milkshake!

Matcha milkshake // The Pancake Princess

But first, a failed dutch baby.
IMG_6011 IMG_6016 IMG_6017I learned a lot of things this time around, making my, oh maybe sixth in a row?, failed dutch baby. I thirded the recipe of a very popular dutch baby recipe and ended up with, once again, a very flat pancake. Here’s what I think went wrong:

  • Whole wheat flour: maybe this is too dense to allow the dutch baby rise the way all-purpose flour allows? TBD.
  • Chocolate chips: apparently adding add-ins to the batter before baking hinders the batter’s ability to poof to the heights it should be destined for. I should have known. (cc: this adorable post.)

Anyway, I ended up with this:

IMG_6042Let’s be real: I still ate it, and it was delicious. But if you have any tips on how to make a fluffy, REAL dutch baby, they would be greatly appreciated!

On another note, that immersion blender.

*heart eyes emoji*

OXO generously sent me their fabulous OXO On Illumination Digital Immersion Blender and omg. I’d been thinking about buying one for years, but couldn’t justify it because if you take a casual stroll through my kitchen, you’ll find no fewer than 92837492837 kitchen appliances, including a giant blender, a ninja, and a food processor. Adding another blending device just seemed ludicrously indulgent.

BUT I think it might have just slid into first place as my new favorite kitchen device. I used it earlier this week to blend up a large pot of broccoli soup, which already earned it its weight in gold in my book (has anyone ever had a too-hot blender full of soup explode on them? #scarredforlife) as well as to blend up just a tiny amount of batter for an individual dutch baby AND to blend up a quick matcha milkshake right in the glass I ended up drinking it from. Possibly what I love most about it is the rubber covering that protects the blade so that you’re never in danger of scratching your pots/bowls/dishes.
IMG_6025 IMG_6027
Last weekend I ate so so many cookies and just didn’t have the carb-consuming stamina to keep testing my dutch baby until it was perfect. I just needed a smoothie and some green stuff! I figured you might need some too because #holidaycookies. They’re all around us.

This is way too easy to throw together, and super delicious! Even though it’s technically not a milkshake at all, I just liked the alliteration and it’s creamy and delicious enough to pretend like it is. Matcha is known for being high in antioxidants and as a natural source of caffeine, it’s a perfect energy booster to keep you going through the holiday madness. Cheers, and don’t forget to get the favorite person on your gift list a brand-new immersion blender! (They’ll love it.)

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