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Best Pumpkin Pie Bake Off

Best Pumpkin Pie Bake Off // The Pancake Princess

Every year without fail, I find myself googling “best pumpkin pie recipe.” With this experiment, we set out to answer the question sans the endless searching.

Best Pumpkin Pie Bake Off // The Pancake Princess


The recipe selection methodology was less formal than the scraping I did for the best pumpkin bread bake off or the chocolate chip cookie bake off–I basically selected all the recipes that I wanted to try anyway and added two of the winners from this epic pumpkin pie bake off.

All 12 pies were baked the day of the tasting (most crusts were made 1-3 days beforehand and refrigerated; two crusts (Flour and BraveTart) were pre-baked the night before). I made 8 of the pies, and three superstar friends helped me out with the other 4.

At the tasting, tasters ranked each overall pie, its filling and its crust separately on a scale from 1-10, and then answered the question “would you want to eat this again?”

Best Pumpkin Pie Bake Off // The Pancake Princess


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Aquafaba Lemon Meringue Pie (vegan, gf)

Today, I present to you this vegan lemon meringue pie* in honor of…

Aquafaba Lemon Meringue Pie // The Pancake Princess

Aquafaba Lemon Meringue Pie // The Pancake Princess
Aquafaba Lemon Meringue Pie // The Pancake Princess
Sarah of Snixy Kitchen’s virtual baby shower!! Yay babies!!

In honor of her baby girl (coming soon in February), Todd and Alanna are hosting a virtual Cheese & Sweets-themed baby shower (also in honor of things Sarah loves) with a fantastic group of bloggers. See the bottom of the post for a zillion INCREDIBLE cheesy, sweet, and cheesy AND sweet recipes! (Mostly all gluten-free in honor of Sarah!)

In a stroke of great luck, I’ve gotten to meet Sarah in real life before! Last year when I was home in California over winter break, Alanna hosted a potluck for a few local blogger friends in her lovely home. What struck me about Sarah (aside from her adorable glasses and bangs) was the fact that she was not only an incredibly talented gluten-free food blogger and photographer, but also a blog design back-end whiz AND getting her PhD in math education. WOWOWOW. Her baby is lucky to be sharing those star-packed genes.

Aquafaba Lemon Meringue Pie // The Pancake Princess

So this pie, I’ve tried making it before. Because ever since I found out you can make billowy, fluffy, snow-white, honest-to-marshmallow MERINGUE from aquafaba (aka the magical chickpea brine), lemon meringue pie has obviously been on my to-do list. (Even though I’ve never really been a huge lemon meringue fan.) (It still had to be done.)

Many lessons were learned in the second making of this pie. Like:

  • Juicing lemons by hand takes a lot of time.
  • You should have a crust recipe in mind before making the pie.
  • In terms of fun level, swirling meringue is on par with eating a bite out of twenty different cookies (or close, anyway).

But I’m sure you’re wondering: how does it taste?

To me, the satiny, glossy, lightly toasted and sticky meringue tastes just like the real deal. The tofu-based lemon curd is quite tart and bursting with fresh lemon juice, which completely dominates any tofu flavor. I think the thin layer of curd is well offset by a fairly thick layer of meringue so that the sweet, relative blandness of the meringue cuts the tartness.

The crust is what I might change if I made this again. It’s thick, hefty and nutty where a lighter crust that almost shatters in your mouth might be a better fit. I made this previously with a non gluten-free crust (a simple vegan olive oil/all-purpose flour crust like this), which was flakier and more delicate. I was still happy enough with this version to post it, but if you have a favorite pie crust, feel free to use it in place of the one that’s written and please report back! Let’s crowdsource this until we make it perfect!

Aquafaba Lemon Meringue Pie // The Pancake Princess*PS. I realize this was made in a tart pan, so it’s technically a tart, but you could also make this in a deep-dish pie pan to make it an actual pie. That would be ideal since I had excess filling after making this in a 10-inch tart pan.

Congratulations Sarah!! I look forward to seeing photos of you and your beautiful cheese baby girl!!

A few notes about aquafaba:

  • While you can make aquafaba meringue using chickpea brine straight from the can (alternatively, some have had success using the liquid from boiling dry beans), I find that reducing the aquafaba first makes for a stronger, stiffer meringue that is less likely to weep and disintegrate into foam after sitting in the fridge.
  • Also, you must use chilled aquafaba during the whipping step; I tried using it warm from the stove and it never reached the stiff peaks stage. This is why the recipe is written so that you reduce the aquafaba in the beginning, and then chill it as you work on other components. You can also reduce and chill the aquafaba the night before.

If you’re looking for more recipes with aquafaba, I’ve also used it successfully as an egg replacer in these waffles and these cookies!

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Friendsgiving: What I Made + a round up!

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I’m already posting what I’ve made?? I guess it’s a testament to how much people love Thanksgiving that I’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving twice with the real day still three days off.

My friend, roommate and I hosted a vegetarian Thanksgiving-themed potluck yesterday and I finally got a chance to make a bunch of mainstream Thanksgiving dishes that I rarely ate growing up. I love my family’s big annual Thanksgiving in L.A. with my mom’s relatives more than almost anything, but there’s something to be said for cooking half of your own Thanksgiving table (said the food control freak).

I spent a lot of time pouring over recipes before deciding on the ones I made, so I’m listing the dishes I made with notes, plus a bunch of extras that are on my list for next year:

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Leftover Dough Apple Galette

We already know that I am not a pie person, but under extreme circumstances I can be arm-wrestled into making one.

Leftover Dough Caramel Apple Galette // The Pancake Princess

Although, I would probably win most arm-wrestling matches these days (excepting any matches against large fit males). Whether this is real or not, I feel like my arms are POPPING thanks to Livefit. In a good and bad way. I feel strong. I also feel like I’m starting to look like this. Not really. She’s way more fit than I will ever be.

Leftover Dough Caramel Apple Galette // The Pancake Princess

But I digress. So I made pie crust for that vegetarian pot pie (only because it was easy and didn’t require butter massaging), but I have a few more pies planned for next week. And I had major pie scraps from pot pie #1. When you make pies, do you ever use up all your pie crust? This question needs an answer.

The last time I made a legitimate pate brisee pie, I also had quite a bit of leftover dough. I made some of these precious things with it, but I hear leftover dough also makes winning little cookies rolled out, cut and dusted with cinnamon-sugar, or just sugar, or a bit of egg and sugar, or glazed after being baked.

Leftover Dough Apple Galette // The Pancake Princess

Here’s one more idea for the books: a super simple free-form pie, or galette, that just requires the dough, an apple, and a sprinkling of sugar. Plus HEALTHY CARAMEL. Making the caramel requires just 5 minutes more work than the rolling and chopping, and I think it’s really worth it.

Doesn’t it look so rustic?? That’s because it’s literally just a matter of rolling, slicing, placing, sprinkling and baking. And then eating!! So after making a pie, not only will you have a beautiful gorgeous whole pie (you genius, you), you’ll also have a bonus delicious, rustic mini tart. I ate the entire thing.

Leftover Dough Apple Galette // The Pancake Princess

Moral of the story: when you’re baking pies this coming week, use that crust to make a mini pie for yourself. And eat it all. Because fruit.

Also: don’t arm-wrestle large men. (PS. On my tenth rep of benching at the gym this morning, I failed (i.e. could not lift the bar up from my chest) and one of said large men thankfully rescued me before I crushed myself. Twas embarrassing, but I was comforted to see that the kindness of human beings is still alive and well at 7 a.m.)


This makes a very good companion recipe to pretty much any pie recipe, but to make this the main attraction, you could make a whole batch of vegan pie dough and make either a whole bunch of small galettes or a few larger ones. I would guess that the cooking time should remain about the same as long as you slice the apples thinly and roll out the dough to the same thickness.

Leftover Dough Apple Galette


  • Leftover pie dough (preferably vegan)
  • 1 small Granny Smith apple, sliced thin
  • Turbinado sugar and non-dairy milk, for topping
  • Date caramel (Try this or this)


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees (any other temperature should work if you’re baking a pie at the same time).

On a piece of parchment or wax paper, roll out the crust into a rough circle until very thin, about 1/8-inch. Transfer the crust to a baking sheet and arrange the apple slices in an overlapping circle on top of the crust, leaving a ¾-inch border of plain crust all around. Fold the crust over the apples to form the galette.

Brush the crust with a little milk and sprinkle with sugar—maybe ½ a teaspoon. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until the apples start to look dry and browned around the edges.

While the crust is baking, make the date caramel. Check on the galette. If you poke it, the apples should feel soft and dry to the touch. Remove the baking sheet and brush the apples with the caramel. Return to the oven and bake for another 5-10 minutes.

If you’re only making one tart, you will have leftover caramel (eat it in parfaits, spread it on bread, dump it into whatever other pie you’re making—I’m sure you’ll find a use for it).


Leftover Dough Apple Galette // The Pancake Princess

The only pie I ever want to make because it’s a) butter-less b) whole wheat c) delicious: Vegan Peach Pie











Vegetarian pot pie: the same whole wheat crust can also apply to a delicious pot pie lid–just leave out the sugar!











If you suddenly find yourself with no crust, but tons of apples, try these:

Apple Cheddar Scones (so savory. Slightly sweet. SO GOOD!)


Tarte Tatin Pancakes (caramelized apples in a pancake. Um, yum.)


Vegetarian Pot Pie with Whole Wheat Crust


Vegetarian Pot Pie with Whole Wheat Crust // The Pancake Princess

I could eat it for days. In fact, I did.

Question: do you make dishes for Thanksgiving? Now that we’re at that cooking age and all? How do you decide? I think life would be so much more streamlined if I had a few go-to dishes that I could always turn to when the occasion to cook for people arose. But I have a feeling you’re the type who likes to bust out new adventurous dishes and I want to be like you.

Vegetarian Pot Pie with Whole Wheat Crust // The Pancake Princess

Vegetarian Pot Pie with Whole Wheat Crust // The Pancake Princess


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