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Mini ABJ Layer Cakes (GF, V)


  • 1 recipe this cake see subs in notes
  • 1/2 recipe easy chocolate icing from the same post
  • almond butter
  • sour cherry preserves


  • Line a small baking sheet with greased parchment paper. Spread the cake batter evenly across the baking sheet to your desired thickness (the batter is extremely thick, so even if the baking sheet is too large for the amount of batter, you can simply spread it as far as you like to achieve your desired thickness of cake layers. Cake will rise just barely during baking). Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F. Test for doneness with a fork, your finger or a toothpick--depending on thickness, the cake may not be done at this point. Continue baking for 5-10 minute increments until the cake is done.
  • Let cool completely. Cut out circles using a biscuit cutter or, if you're lacking in biscuit cutters, you can use a sheet of acetate (flexible plastic sheets or transparencies) rolled up and stapled into a makeshift cutter (my ghetto cutter is pictured in the second photo). Not quite as accurate as a biscuit cutter, but it will work. I don't recommend using an upside-down glass as a cutter because the edges are not sharp enough to get a clean cut.
  • Layer a cake round with a smear of almond butter, a smear of preserves, and repeat as desired, finishing with a smear of chocolate icing and sprinkles.


Substitutions: You can sub almond milk for coconut milk and cornstarch for potato starch. I recommend using at least half raw sugar instead of all coconut sugar.
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