Lemony Basil Almond Feta

Marinated Almond Feta // The Pancake Princess

If you are a person of normal humility levels, I would argue that there is no greater way to be humbled than to go to business school. Or anywhere, really, where you’re surrounded with really smart people every day. But add pretty strong social skills, really intense motivation and a huge collection of accomplishments on top of that really smart population surrounding you daily, and it’s a pretty good recipe for a pummeling to the self-esteem.

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Vegan Greek Salad

Vegan Greek Salad // The Pancake Princess

Reasons why business school is awesome:

learning (like about how compliments can help achieve world domination)
free roll-your-own burrito dinners, professionally-boxed lunches, bad (but free) wine
you get to cut the leash to your 8-5 office desk
i.e: midday swims and lunching on the sunny patio
a rare combination of humble but brilliant AND funny teachers
an atmosphere of smart people. genius is contagious, right?
you get to attend TA sessions and stare at your cute boyfriend at the same time because he is the TA.

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