Chickpea Gingersnaps

gingersnap1Awhile back, I had the opportunity to develop some recipes for the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council. I was so excited to partner with them since I’m already fully in love with all things chickpea flour. This was my favorite recipe that I developed and I’ve had quite the time sitting on it–but now that holiday cooking baking seems in full swing, this seems like the perfect time to share it!

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Almond-Pear Muffin Tops

Almond-Pear Muffin Tops // The Pancake PrincessOnce again, we’re in the 10 or so day stretch before a glut of final exams, which means that things are simultaneously revving up, but also getting strangely quiet at school. We’re finally reaching the last units of new material in Finance, Accounting and Econ, but we’re also having to relearn EVERYTHING since the beginning of time–at least I am.

Almond-Pear Muffin Tops // The Pancake Princess

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Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie // The Pancake Princess

So after a somewhat crappy series of days last week, I got to end the week with something awesome: meeting up with Kylie from Imma Eat That!! It was pretty much on par with meeting Izy or Michelle–Kylie’s like my healthy-eating blog celebrity idol and she also lives in Houston! We met for tacos and she was so bubbly and funny and helpful and it was just a great lunch. Except for the part where I accidentally ordered a breakfast taco that had BACON alll up in it, but even when I sat there picking it out, she pretended she didn’t mind.

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Vegetarian Quinoa Lasagna

Vegetarian Quinoa Lasagna // The Pancake PrincessSaturday, 5:32 p.m: Erik and I are scurrying out the door after a desperate, last-minute blast of my baked brie at 440 degrees (not 450, which feels like a ridiculous heat at which one would cook a pizza, but higher than 400, which wasn’t doing the trick to brown the pie crust fast enough) when a sense of déjà vu washes over me. “Weren’t we about this late last year?”

Vegetarian Quinoa Lasagna // The Pancake Princess

Sure enough, we arrived at his classmate’s apartment just in time to get a thorough earful from his friend since yes, we were about this late last year. And so we walked into the crowd of people eagerly awaiting the gorgeous Friendsgiving spread, once again the very last ones to arrive.


Nothing can really excuse being that late, even when you come bearing baked brie and sweet potatoes with a nut crumble and toasted marshmallows on top. But! The good news is that the lovely Renee of Will Frolic for Food is hosting this virtual Friendsgiving potluck, thus granting me an opportunity to redeem myself with lasagna. Thank goodness the internet doesn’t require punctuality.

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Hot Cocoa Bar!

A little rain, a little thing called November and suddenly Houston thinks it’s okay to be 40 degrees out, gray and COLD. But for once, that was totally fine with me since the chilly weather was the perfect backdrop for a long-awaited hot cocoa bar party!

Hot Cocoa Bar // The Pancake Princess

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