Gooey Chocolate Oat Cake

Gooey Chocolate Oat Cake // The Pancake PrincessWhen you’re waking up covered in a light sheen of sweat to the deep-voiced man on the radio announcing “it’s already 80 degrees with a high of 99” your desire to turn on the oven turns to negative 20 degrees. Particularly when you are trying to keep costs down in the form of taming the resource-sucking A/C beast. Yet somehow, my desire for cake does not function in the same manner.

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Green pea + butter bean mash

Green Pea and Butter Bean Mash // The Pancake PrincessLunch at Ottolenghi was by far the most memorable meal Ali and I had in London (and it probably would have taken the title of most memorable moment had we not gotten lost in the heath for the better part of an hour on the way to dinner one night). Anyway, the thanks goes to our server, who pretty much demanded I order the pea/butter bean mash when I explained how I was trying to decide between six of the salad options.

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Flax Macarons

“Let’s do a macaron taste test! We’ll find the best macarons in Paris.” <– Ah, such grand plans Ali and I had for our short time in Paris. In reality, we made it to two macaron stops (Pierre Herme and La Duree) and have you ever tried to do a taste-off between the two? It’s kind of like trying to choose your favorite child (or so I hear).

Flax Macarons // The Pancake Princess

On the downside, the price of such treasures is exorbitant. Can I be honest with you? A lot of my recipe inspiration comes from being cheap. I’ll eat something when I’m out and think, “I could make that at home [for wayyy cheaper.]”

Back in my own kitchen, I of course wanted to try making my own macarons, but I was apprehensive. They are, after all, the most finicky cookies in the blogosphere, with a toweringly intimidating reputation and an iffy chance of success. Plus I had it in my head that it would take having my own chicken and almond tree to keep up with the supply of egg whites and almond flour that I would need to bake up the perfect macaron.

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