2-ingredient Sweet Potato Fritters

Isn’t it fitting that while the rest of the blogosphere goes crazy over 2-ingredient pancakes, I’m sharing a recipe for 2-ingredient vegetable fritters?

2-ingredient Sweet Potato Fritters

And by fitting, I mean not fitting at all. The world has been turned upside down, but probably for the best. Carbs = not my friend.

The Sweet Potato and the Egg.

In honor of my roommate who has been bravely forged into a healthy eating world of similar epic proportions to my detox, I’m pledging to post more easy, healthy dinner ideas. So instead of pancakes today, you get a nutrient-packed dinner. Isn’t this fun? (I see your face. I promise pancakes will be back soon.)

2-ingredient Sweet Potato Fritters

But I have to admit, I’m a little in love with these. I’ve made them two nights in a row and considered including “hash browns” in the name because they taste naughtily like those oily, greasy potato chunks. However, based on my googling, it appears hash browns are technically fried potatoes. Since these include egg, they creep over into the fritter camp, although they’re neither battered nor deep-fried.

2-ingredient Sweet Potato Fritters

Here’s the best part: you can throw these together in 20 minutes; the most time-consuming part is shredding them, and I did it over the sink on my cheap skate cheese grater while chatting on the phone. I highly recommend.

2-ingredient Sweet Potato Fritters

Detox update: The last week of the detox involved incorporating two things associated with tough digestion: soy and eggs. While I didn’t notice any problems while I was strictly following the last week of the detox, guess what? I actually DO have a problem with soy.

I made a birthday cake for my friend last weekend—chocolate, layered with a tofu peanut butter mousse very similar to this, raspberry jam, and chocolate ganache (without heavy cream!). I noticed my stomach didn’t feel great after eating a slice and after picking on leftover mousse, I realized a pattern. Tofu = stomach pains. Total sadness! As a Chinese vegetarian, tofu-based dishes (plus some seafood) make up the bulk of my meals when my family goes to Asian restaurants.

Conclusion: I foresee more sweet potatoes in my future.

Question: does anyone else have problems with tofu?! Is this like totally weird? I feel as though since I’m Asian, this goes against nature!!

2-ingredient Sweet Potato Fritters

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 5 fritters

Serving Size: Entire batch

Calories per serving: 387

Fat per serving: 5.5g

These crispy, super simple, really healthy and tasty sweet potato fritters are great paired with sauteed greens.


  • 1 ¾ cups sweet potato, shredded (I used about half of a nearly 1-lb. specimen)
  • 1 large egg
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • olive oil for greasing the pan
  • optional seasonings: garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, paprika, chili powder, basil, oregano, herbs de provence. I used ½ teaspoon garlic powder and dashes of smoked paprika and chili powder.


Shred 1 ¾ to 2 cups of sweet potato using a cheese grater or by processing in a food processor (I used the regular blade on my food processor and it worked fine). Start preheating a skillet or frying pan over medium heat. Add the egg to the sweet potato and whisk until combined. Add seasonings to taste (just a dash of each).

Lightly grease the pan by trickling a few drops of oil onto the pan and spreading them around with a spatula—you don’t need a lot. Using a spoon or a quarter cup measure, plop about ¼ cup of the sweet potato mixture into the pan at a time. Mixture will be very loose and may fall apart in the pan—that’s okay. Use your spatula to nudge all the sweet potato scraps into a neat pile and press down on the top with the back of the spatula to flatten. Let cook about 2-3 minutes before flipping. If the patty starts to fall apart when you try to flip it, cook it longer. The bottom should be sturdy enough to slide the spatula underneath. Repeat with the rest of the mixture, but don’t overcrowd the pan—I only cooked three at a time in my largest frying pan.

Serve with a side of sautéed spinach, steamed broccoli, quinoa, beans, salsa, etc.


I preferred the feathery, shredded texture of the potatoes grated on a cheese grater, but you can use a food processor if pressed for time. The formula for getting perfectly crispy fritters that stick together is to use a hot pan (not too hot or they'll scorch), add just a glistening of olive oil and a small amount of batter, and to wait until each fritter is cooked for long enough so that the egg sets before flipping.


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29 thoughts on “2-ingredient Sweet Potato Fritters

  1. Anne

    Yummy! Thanks for this. I needed something for little veggie me to eat at a carnivorous Christmas lunch, and these are perfect!

    Also taking broccoli, sprouts and red pepper with a tasty cheese sauce for everyone. 😀

  2. Melissa

    Hi! Love your recipe! I know this is from a long time ago, but have you considered testing whether the soy needs to be fermented before you eat it? I know in the asian food culture fermenting is done often. Maybe this is a way you can still eat it, however, not sure what restaurants will be serving that up.

    Thanks for your delicious recipes!

    1. erika Post author

      Melissa, that’s a great thought–if I ever do another detox, I’ll definitely try re-introducing fermented soy into my diet and see if that helps. I actually started eating soy again regularly a few months ago and didn’t notice any side effects (probably because I was also junking up my body with gluten, dairy and who knows what else :)), so I think I’m good to go for now. But I so appreciate your thoughtful words! Thanks so much for reading!! <3

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  5. Eva Kelemen

    Looks delicious! As for tofu, I used to live on it but I realized that my stomach pains were being caused by eating it. I had to stop for that reason and also that soy is bad for my thyroid :(

  6. Brandi

    Yum!! These look delicious!!! I bet they’d be really yummy with some cinnamon too! I love that crispiness of them. My favorite way to eat sweet potatoes is as baked crispy fries…I’m loving this way too. Btw, I hate tofu lol! I’m sorry you have an issue though since you love it :(

    1. erika Post author

      Ooh yes cinnamon is such a good idea! I LOVE sweet potato fries as well..so good. I just have to switch it up once in awhile so I don’t get sick of them! And lol I know–I thought of you when I was writing that! Luckily, you won’t be seeing any more tofu posts on my blog :)

  7. Nancy @ gottagetbaked

    Erika, I love what you’re doing with your photography lately. You’re trying out different things and your photos are stunning. Love the styling! These fritters look fantastic. I’m a huge fan of sweet potatoes (my crazy husband won’t eat them unless they’re in french fry form – maybe he’ll eat these!). As for the tofu allergy – that sucks, girl! Usually the only food I’ll eat at straight-up Asian vegetarian restaurants is tofu since I can’t stand the fake meat. Poor you. And yes, I do think you’re a freak of nature now – since you’re Asian, a tofu allergy shouldn’t be physically possible! 😉

    1. erika Post author

      Nancy! I so appreciate your noticing and commenting on my photography…learning curve, shall we call it :) I definitely feel like I’m wandering blindly, but your kind words are definitely welcome :) I am a HUGE sweet potato fan too and it’s funny you mention french fries…I have a secret. I made tempura last night. Aka I ate a COMPLETELY FRIED DINNER. And now with the leftover oil, I want nothing more than to fry all five of my sweet potatoes into oily, crispy fries. YUM. Hahaha you’ll have to eat extra tofu for me now!!

  8. Jordie

    I love the look of these fritters… I’ve been craving sweet potatoes for ages and now I know how I should cook them next! As for the soy problems, soy beans have a lot of bad stuff in them, including phytic acid which makes them super hard to digest, making your tummy upset. :)

  9. Heather

    Yummy! This is the first I’ve heard of this two-ingredient craze and I’m loving it! My mom is visiting this weekend and this is a recipe I actually have all the ingredients for, we may have to give it a try for breakfast!!

  10. Leah

    Your sweet potato fritters look awesome and I’m so jealous! I’ve tried these in the past (twice) but I baked them instead of pan frying them and they didn’t turn out well. The middles weren’t cooked all the way even though I tried adjusting heat/time. Your post has given me hope to try them one more time and this time I’m not going to bake them!

    Side question: After you shredded them, did you squeeze the excess liquid out of the sweet potato? If not, do you think it would have helped if you did?

    1. erika Post author

      Thanks!! Nope, after I shredded them, just tossed them with the egg and fried them in a hot pan. I actually poured some of the liquid that pooled at the bottom of the bowl on top of some of the fritters as they were cooking because it was mostly egg. Hope that helps! (There also wasn’t much liquid to squeeze out because I skinned the sweet potato, rinsed it, dried it, then shredded it. Not sure if you rinse the shreds or something.) Let me know how it goes!

  11. Alysa

    Those do sound great. I’m dreaming of these for dinner. I also have a problem with soy. It’s funny because most people say it’s such a healthy option, but in reality – it’s just not good for some people.

    1. erika Post author

      Right??? Sad but true. I’ve been living a lie practically my whole life that tofu is super good for you! Thanks so much for stopping by :)


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