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10 Best Vegetarian Hotspots in Houston (for the Superbowl!)

Cinnamon roll pancake at Snooze AM Eatery in Montrose.

Cinnamon roll pancake at Snooze AM Eatery in Montrose.

Just in case you’re coming into town for the Superbowl (omg sportsball!) and need some recommendations on where to eat, I thought I would do a round up of some of my favorite places that I’ve returned to again and again over the past 8 years.
Hot new restaurants have been opening up left and right in anticipation of the Superbowl and in the event you didn’t have the foresight/budget/celeb status to book a super trendy restaurant ahead of time, this is a list of some of my favorite casual, vegetarian-friendly spots around Houston.
Since I’m a pescatarian, some of these veer more pescatarian-friendly while others are more vegetarian-friendly. There is literally SO MUCH AMAZING FOOD in Houston, it was hard to pick 10…but here is my attempt:

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Kitchen Lessons: Avgolemono

One small and very attainable-feeling goal (in addition to these) I have this year is to be more proactive and adventurous in cooking–e.g. instead of letting the intriguing I-don’t-know-who’s-going-to-eat-this mushroom bourguignon and the terrifyingly finicky croquembouche (okay, good thing I have almost a year until ’tis the season to tackle that one) languish on my Pinterest board, I’m going to just COOK THEM!

Avgolemono // The Pancake Princess

Quick tangent, bear with me: as a food blogger, it can be tough to balance the abundance of wondrous food we get to eat with also not blowing up like a balloon. The delineation between tasting recipes and meals is often blurry at best, and when my hobby is being in the kitchen…surrounded by food…a lot more food can end up in my mouth than I originally bargained for.

Last year, deep in year 3 of blogging, I finally felt like I had fallen into a groove of eating normally and exercising healthfully despite an influx of more opportunities to eat out than ever before. After a lot of trial and error in terms of trying to get my diet under control, I finally realized that what’s helped the most is tracking what I eat through My Fitness Pal (not a paid endorsement, I just really like that app) and switching up what used to be an almost daily running schedule (which literally ran my knee out of commission for a good 1.5 years) with interval training interspersed with running. If you’re on instagram, chances are good you’ve come across Australian fitness megastar Kayla Itsines, so I won’t bore you with details but I’ve been following her interval training plan since late 2013 and have been really satisfied with my results.

ANYWHO the very long-winded point I’m trying to make is that at one point, Kayla kept talking about avgolemono, this Greek chicken soup that her grandparents used to make and I kept thinking WHAT IS THAT PLEASE MAKE THAT MINUS THE CHICKEN until, months later, my lovely classmate sent me a recipe for a fish version of avgolemono. Which finally inspired me to give this a go.
Avgolemono // The Pancake PrincessAvgolemono // The Pancake PrincessAvgolemono // The Pancake Princess

One extra-large pack of Costco tilapia purchased later, I finally brought the soup of my dreams to life. Aaaand it was nice. I heavily undersalted it the first time around, but adding the correct level of salt really helps highlight the gentle fish broth, which is thickened with lemons and egg. Because the recipe I used was vague about how much water and wine to use, I also ended up adding more liquid than I probably should have, resulting in a fairly thin soup that I think could have benefited from an extra egg and more lemon. Avgolemono // The Pancake Princess

This is a really light, clean-tasting soup. The unusual tang of lemon in the broth adds an interesting dimension of flavor, yet it’s about as soothing as any bowl of chicken noodle soup I had growing up. Making the stock from scratch is a bit of work, but you’ll be rewarded with a pile of very soft vegetables and fish that make either a good accompaniment to the soup, or delicious fritters fried up with some egg, dill and breadcrumbs–if you’re in a rush, a store-bought version of fish stock should work just fine!

P.S. For my Houston readers: The 8th Annual Artopia event is happening on January 30th from 8-11pm, and they’re having a flash sale starting today through January 17th with $20 tickets (normally $55). You can find out more about the event here and enter my giveaway to win a pair of tickets on Instagram!

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